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What is CNC wood carving machine? 2020 Guide

2022/03/26 By LZ

CNC wood carving machine
CNC wood carving machine

A CNC wood carving machine is a mechanical CNC machining machine that composes a transmission system (guide sliders), nuts, gears, Spindle chisels, machine control software system, driver, perforated cabinet, etc.

Please read the following article to learn more about a woodworking CNC machine. What are the benefits of using wood carving machines?

What is a wood carving CNC machine?

A wood carving CNC machine is one of the automatic CNC machines controlled by an intelligent computer software system with an unlimited number of chisels.

This is a line of specialized wood CNC machines used to carve wood products according to the available sample files that have been designed on the computer before. The CNC carving machines can cut and engrave 6,8, 10, 12, and 16 times simultaneously, depending on your needs and work progress.

Structure of CNC wood carving machine

Due to the increasing requirements for the quality of wood products, woodworking CNC machines are also widely and widely used, becoming an indispensable “tool” to support. Lack in the process of wood production and processing of enterprises.

Like other types of wood CNC machines, wood carving CNC machines also have a structure consisting of 2 main parts: the electrical and mechanical parts.

The mechanical part of the wood carving CNC machine

The automated system of the wood carving CNC machine will include the following essential features and details:

  • Transmission system: all kinds of guide rails (round slider, square slider, round slider, square slider, round slider bearing? Screw shaft, nut, gear…
  • Computer chisels, also known as Spindle chisels.
  • The base of the machine is made of integral cast steel to ensure the accuracy of the equipment during operation.

The electrical part of the wood carving CNC machine:

  • Machine control software systems such as STUDIO, Mach3, RICHAUTO…
  • The driver has the effect of controlling the position of the motors accurately.
  • Variable speed inverter for Spindle computer chisels
  • Electrical cabinets containing equipment

The benefits of using a wood carving CNC machine to know

Although it is a wood CNC machine that welcomes all woodworkers and is selected for the application, not everyone understands the critical benefits that this automatic wood carving machine brings to the sculpting and processing industry wooden. Join us in listing all this machine’s advantages and outstanding features to see if it deserves to consider a “talented sculptor” or not.

Wood carving machine using the square slider

The wood carving CNC machine can automatically carve wood easily, quickly, accurately, evenly, and beautifully. The products created are highly sophisticated without requiring carpenters’ skills and qualifications.

 Applying these wood CNC machines to production helps businesses save time, save labor and minimize production costs while ensuring high productivity.

With large-scale production, business, and woodworking models, the application of wood carving machines is the most optimal solution, allowing stable, durable, and continuous operation for a long time.

A few notes when choosing a CNC wood carving machine

Choose a wood carving CNC machine based on the material to process to select the most suitable and economical device.

  • Pay attention to the machine’s work machine’s ing volume, so, such, and height, and choose the appropriate tabletop size, the height of the Z axis.
  • The operating system and supporting software must be thoroughly studied to operate best.

Therefore, the brain of the CNC machine is the computer. The control computers must have high-speed computing power, and the control software must be in real-time. Ensure the processing speed, machining accuracy, and length of the wood carving machine.

CNC wood carving machine 2022

What is a wood CNC machine, and what is a computerized wood chisel?

These CNC machines apply to the wood industry; they are capable of chiseling reliefs on wood, chiseling statues, and cutting wooden details according to drawings designed and edited on a microcomputer count.

Advantages:  Fast processing time, especially productivity when producing many products simultaneously. With high precision, all products are uniform in size and suitable for mass production. It does not depend on the skill of the craftsman.

Cons: Many details have hidden corners, which cannot be processed by a wood carving machine (for example, cotton channel punching). This requires users to have computer knowledge. Initial investment costs are high.

Classification of computerized wood chisels, wood CNC machines

According to the operation function:

  • CNC Wood Lathe
  • CNC wood carving chisel machine
  • Similarly, the CNC statue chisel machine

According to the number of machining axes

  • CNC 2-axis machining machines (usually lathes, mortise machines, and some specialized machines)
  • 3-axis CNC machining machine: For example, a computer chisel, the resulting products are paintings, reliefs, etc.
  • 4-5 axis CNC machining machine: Usually a chiseled machine, objects have a block shape.

In addition, there are other specific wood carving machines, such as a combination of flat and circular chisels, …v.v.

Structure of wood CNC machine

A wood CNC machine is composed of 2 main parts: the mechanical and the electrical control parts.


  • Machine frame: Constructed from profiled or perforated steel, machined on CNC machines to ensure accuracy.
  • The transmission system consists of guide rods (square or round guide), rack-pinion, screw-nut, gearbox, motor (stepper motor, stepper motor with feedback, engine, etc.) AC servo motor, DC servo)
  • Spindle motor (Spindle, chisel)

Electrical part

Control card, and software (there are many different controllers used, maybe controllers without a computer), usually NCSTUDIO, Mach3, RICHAUTO.

The drivers control the exact position of the motors

Variable speed inverter for Spindle and chisel.

An electrical cabinet containing equipment (APTOMAT, magnetic starter, protection devices, indicator lights.

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