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Injection Molding Machine Factory

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Injection Molding Machine Factory

Injection Molding Machine Factory

Topstar is one of China’s most professional injection molding machine manufacturers and suppliers. We have been engaged in this field for many years. You can buy our products confidently because we provide a complete quality assurance system, including material procurement, production process, and product testing procedures. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Injection Molding Machine Factory

Topstar injection molding machine factory is the best choice for purchasing plastic injection molding machines, metal injection molding machines, or hot runner automatic molding machines in China. We are a professional manufacturer of plastic and metal automatic injection molding machines.

Topstar has been committed to manufacturing, supplying, and exporting various plastic injection molding machines, hot runner automatic molding machines, hot runner parts, and accessories for many years. We have established long-term business relations with customers from all over the world. We always strive to provide the best products at competitive prices to ensure customer satisfaction.

Plastic injection molding machine factory

Plastic injection molding machines and other products, such as molds and tools for manufacturing plastic parts.

The plastic injection molding machine produces plastic parts by injecting molten polymer into the mold cavity preheated to 30-180 C (86-356 F), depending on the type of polymer used.

Injection Molding Machine Factory

Metal injection molding machine

We provide a full range of services from design to installation and maintenance, including spare parts supply and technical training for your employees.

At the same time, our product line includes: blow molding machines, extruders, injection molding machines, and other plastic processing equipment.

Automatic metal injection molding machine

Metal injection molding machine, the term “injection molding,” refers to injecting hot liquid plastic into a closed chamber, in which the plastic cools and hardens over time. Compared with other manufacturing methods, such as die casting or machining, this enables manufacturers to manufacture parts with complex geometry and hollow interior at high speed and low cost.

Hot runner automatic molding machine

Hot runners and auto molding machines inject plastic and other materials into the mold. These machines manufacture plastic products, such as toys, electronic devices, and automotive parts. The hot runner injection system helps to improve efficiency by reducing cycle time, which results in lower production costs for companies using them.

And Hot runners have two main components: an extruder head and a runner block that connects it with a screw assembly inside the barrel. The extruder head contains heating elements that melt polymer material before entering the mold cavity through channels formed within both ends of each channel pipe connected directly above each hole during operation. This ensures a uniform flow distribution when the molten plastic is injected into the spot during the production cycle. The duration of each cycle is less than 30 seconds, which depends on the size requirements proposed by the customer. Customers want to use this machine to have specific advantages over traditional methods. The conventional process involves the labor cost associated with the previously used manual pouring technology until now!

As a supplier of automatic plastic injection molding machine

We are a professional manufacturer of injection molding machines. We have a wide range of products, including plastic injection molding machines, rubber injection molding machines and metal molding machines.

Our products include:

Automatic plastic injection molding machine (e.g., automatic sliding plastic injection molding machine)

Semi-automatic rubber/plastic injection molding machine (e.g., semi-automatic sliding rubber/plastic injection molding machine)

Manual metal/rubber/plastic injection molding machine (for example, manually operated metal/rubber or plastic injection molding machine)

We also provide OEM services for customers who want to customize product designs according to their requirements or ideas.

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