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On the first stop of the Alibaba study tour, Zhejiang entrepreneurs visit Topstar

2023/03/01 By topstar


Recently, Alibaba International Station Zhejiang Region held a “new era wave, entrepreneurs forward” study tour, the first stop to visit Topstar Technology, more than 200 outstanding Zhejiang entrepreneurs zero distance feeling Topstar exploration and breakthroughs in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

Led by Alibaba International Station in Zhejiang

The study tour was led by Alibaba International Station Zhejiang Region, which attracted the arrival of entrepreneurs from Hangzhou, Ningbo, Yiwu, Wenzhou, Taizhou, and Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, and other cities, covering 38 industries such as electrical equipment, electronic components, renewable energy.

During the study tour, Zhejiang entrepreneurs visited the Topstar exhibition hall and learned about the development history, main business, core technology, corporate culture, and other contents. Then, Mr. Zhang Jian, the general manager of Topstar Aftermarket Center, welcomed the entrepreneurs as the host and shared a keynote speech entitled “Topstar 16 years through the cycle of “change” and “no change.”

General Manager of Topstar Aftermarket Center, Mr. Zhang Jian

Topstar’s growth history, macro environment, business environment, etc

Mr. Zhang Jian told the growth history of Topstar, macro environment, business environment, etc., and detailed the changes and unchanged of Topstar in 16 years. He said, Topstar’s 16 years of “unchanged” is “adhere to create value for customers, with efficient organizational capabilities, and continue to create corporate profits.” And in the “business products, organizational structure, and distribution system” of the adjustment. Topstar will continue to seek “change” embodiment over the years.

Opportunity, advice, cross-border e-commerce …… Close to two hours of sharing, Mr. Zhang Jian, with humorous words and easy-to-understand small stories for the entrepreneurs on the scene to bring a fresh experience, repeatedly won the applause of entrepreneurs.

Alibaba Zhejiang Region Study Tour Activities Site

In the future, Topstar will continue to uphold the vision of “To help millions of manufacturing enterprises to realize intelligent manufacture; To help millions of engineers serving the intelligent manufacture.”, plowing deep into the field of intelligent manufacturing, keeping the pulse of Dongguan city of “scientific and technological innovation + advanced manufacturing,” and contributing to the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

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