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Molding Injection Machine: Guide to Learn its Features

2021/12/16 By 兰兹

Molding Injection Machine

Energy saving molding injection machine

Energy-saving molding injection machine is special machines, the purpose of which is as follows: they cast plastic mass heated to a certain temperature. Injection molding of thermoplastic materials makes it possible to create various products from polymers.

Molding Injection Machine

Design of energy saving injection molding machine

In order to implement all of the above, the injection molding machine has designed as follows:

  • Firstly, a special electric motor with a servo drive picks up the required amount of material
  • Secondly, a hydraulic drive with a hydraulic accumulator ensures the maximum injection rate of liquid plastic

The first makes it possible to implement several operations at once. Moreover, it significantly reduces the time spent on the molding cycle. In addition, the AC servo motor makes the molding injection machine stable at all speeds.

In turn, energy-saving will be there due to the fact that pumping systems with a servo drive have in their design a hydraulic drive for an electric motor and a hydraulic accumulator..

How to distinguish molding injection machine?

The quality of the product: Injection of plastics through the use of our technology results in products of the highest quality. Extremely high repeatability is ensured as injection pressure and speed are tightly controlled thanks to a special feedback function.

 In addition, the response of the hydraulic system is accelerated, which reduces the amount of time required for switching and increases the productivity of the machine.

Reliability and durability: All equipment is able to cope with its function without a single failure for an extremely long time. You can forget about the problems associated with the need for repair or replacement.

Energy saving molding injection machine

 A special energy-saving hydraulic drive minimizes all energy costs. Molding injection machine tools differ among themselves not only in productivity, accuracy class, but also in other characteristics that enable every entrepreneur, both small and large, to organize a full-fledged production of their products. 

You can produce any product and absolutely any shape and size. This became possible due to the presence of a wide variety of molds and equipment for their manufacture.

One of the leaders among European machines for the manufacture of polymer products is equipment under the Top star brand. It is a well-deserved world leader in the development and production of automatic and semi-automatic equipment for the production of products from polymer-containing materials.

Advantages of Top star molding injection machine

As a world leader in the production of molding injection machine for the production of polymer products, the company has endowed its machines with the following qualities that make it out of competition with brands from other companies:

  • Easy setup and manageability – the interface of all types of equipment is so simple that even a beginner who sees a machine of this level for the first time can handle it. The developers competently approached the implementation of each control body and achieved excellent results, which affected productivity and reliability.
  • All Top star machines have an increased class of reliability and durability, which means that there are no unnecessary material costs for repairs that simply will not be necessary.
  • Flexibility – all equipment, without exception, we can quickly readjust the production of any product, regardless of its complexity, configuration and size. The work area is large enough to accommodate molds for large plastic products.
  • The company specializes in all types of control systems; therefore it has a higher class of reliability and durability regarding molding injection machine, but only with qualified service.

The equipment is designed for people of all levels of development. It still requires knowledge of some points to operate and maintain it.

 Moreover, it is important to study the aspects of machine control and adjustment work. It is also useful to follow all actions strictly according to the instructions. 

What do you know about assortment of equipment?

The European company has taken a leading position, therefore it can boast of a fairly wide range of equipment of various levels:

  1. TM Series Toggle Injection Molding Machine(90T-470T)
  2. Press Type Injection Molding Machine(130T-1400T)
  3. Electric Injection Molding Machine(80T-230T)

The presented list of machines for molding plastic into a mold makes it possible to manufacture products. Moreover, it needs a specific volume of plastic up to 433 cm. At the same time, the closing force can reach 430 tons. It indicates the possibility of producing absolutely any parts, both in size and shape.

What are the reasons to choose Top star?

Choosing molding injection machine from Top star for your enterprise, you will provide yourself with really high-quality equipment. It will regularly perform its functions. Moreover, it provides you with no less high-quality products from all types of polymer.

 The possibility of quick changeover to the production of new plastic products will give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

European equipment – high quality, practical and durable – this is a fact, but this also makes it the most expensive. The fact is that machines and robots from this brand are designed by the best engineers in the field of robotics and the production of plastic products.

An injection molding machine is a single unit. It can produce any plastic product, but to fully automate the process. You will also need to purchase additional equipment for loading raw material, unloading finished products and changing molds.

Why our molding injection machine better option for you?

A natural question will arise: why is it worth ordering molding injection machine from us? Here is a far from complete list of our advantages:

Firstly, practicality, quality: All presented products are made of high quality materials and in accordance with all existing norms and standards. As mentioned above, all our products are really durable and capable. These are of fully and exhaustively responding to any requests over an extremely long period of time.

Molding Injection Machine 2021

Secondly, low prices: The cost of our services is extremely client-oriented, that is why it is minimized and extremely democratic. In addition, the low energy consumption of the injection molding machines leads to savings in the future.

Thirdly, interaction with the client: We always take into account every client’s request, further implementing it. Working with us, you will only get a pleasant impression of our service.


We can equip the presented line of injection molding machines with additional equipment. It is a hydraulic rod and a robot for extracting the finished product from the mold. Moreover, it is loading a new mold and loading the next portion of raw materials in the form of granules or flakes into the hopper.

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