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Star Club | Discussing energy-saving and emission-reduction retrofit solutions for factories

2023/04/06 By topstar


Recently, Guangdong Topstar Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Topstar) held a Star Club event. The theme of this event is “Energy Saving and Emission Reduction, Win-Win Future”. At the event site, we had face-to-face and in-depth communication with 30 equipment experts.

For this Star Club, Topstar invited Mr. Xiong Dingsheng, energy conservation consultant in the injection molding equipment industry, and Mr. Zhong Chuanwen, senior engineer of the after-sales center. They shared the reports of “Injection Molding Equipment Efficiency Improvement Plan” and “Topstar – Energy Saving Transformation” respectively. The results of energy-saving technology practice were demonstrated on-site and were recognized by on-site equipment experts.

01 Hardcore components to realize energy-saving

At the activity site, Mr. Zhang Jian, general manager of the after-sales center of Topstar, welcomed the equipment experts at the site.

Subsequently, Mr. Xiong Dingsheng shared the “Drying Servo Energy Saving Intelligent Control System” “Nano Infrared Heating Ring” and “Energy-Saving Case” report, for the site equipment experts to provide energy-saving emission reduction.

Mr. Xiong Dingsheng introduced the “Drying Servo Energy Saving Intelligent Control System” which is a mathematical model servo energy saving control system. The energy-saving principle of the system is to comprehensively judge the working conditions (inlet/outlet temperature, ambient temperature, plastic code, feeding mode) and adjust the fan speed and heating bar power in both directions. The system is characterized by high energy-saving logic and up to 50% energy-saving rate.

The “Nano Infrared Heating Ring” is an energy-saving device for injection molding machines with improved structure and performance. The application of a nano-infrared heating coil fundamentally changes the contact heat transfer method of an ordinary heating coil. The heating element adopts high-quality electric wire, which greatly reduces the loss in the process of electric heat conversion and improves the efficiency of electric heat conversion.

02 Energy saving and emission reduction effect is remarkable

Mr. Zhong Chuanwen shared the “whole machine servo and solvent energy-saving transformation program”, showing the successful cases of energy-saving transformation of Topstar.

Mr. Zhong Chuanwen introduced: “In the transformation of the whole machine, Topscale upgraded the hydraulic power of the original machine. The secret of upgrading lies in the use of an energy-saving control system. The system integrates permanent magnet synchronous servo motors, high-efficiency servo oil pumps, and special drives for injection molding machines, thus forming an energy-saving power source. It replaces the energy-consuming power system consisting of traditional injection molding machine motors and oil pumps at one time.”

03 Quality after-sales service to protect factory operation

Star Club is a technical exchange activity organized by Topstar. Its purpose is to provide one-on-one product technology training services for manufacturing enterprises to help them reduce safety hazards and improve production efficiency. The activities of the Star Club are rich and varied, including both industry seminars and training courses.

Since it set sail in 2021, the Star Club has served hundreds of enterprises, covering dozens of industries such as 3C, automotive, medical, home appliances and so on. In the future, Topstar will regularly carry out Star Club exchange activities to continuously improve the quality of after-sales service and create value for customers.

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