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Topstar “celebrate July 1 and welcome the 20th National Congress” party day activities

2022/07/19 By topstar

To celebrate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Party, to welcome the victory of the 20th National Congress. At the same time, to promote the party history learning and education to go deep and practical. To show the spirit of Topstar people as enterprising, grateful, and progressive. On June 24, Topstar Party Branch United Nations Trust Securities Humen Branch Party Branch. “Celebrate July 1 and welcome the 20th National Congress” as the theme of Party Day activities.

Visit the Opium War Naval Battle Museum and Humen Naval Battle Museum

In the morning, Comrade Liang Zhenfeng, deputy secretary of the party branch of Topstar. And Liao Changsheng, general manager of the Humen Business Department of Guoxin Securities. Led all party members to visit the Opium War Naval Battle Exhibition Hall and the Humen Naval Battle Exhibition Hall. The exhibition is divided into seven parts, “The Chinese and Western World Before the Opium War,” “The First Opium War,” and “Sinking and Awakening.” It includes many physical displays, historical photos, and other panoramas. The exhibition reproduces this important historical event in modern Chinese history.

Afterward, all party members and cadres came to Lin Zexu Memorial Hall to visit and study. They felt the national temperament and patriotic spirit of Lin Zexu, Chen Liansheng, and other loyal martyrs at the scene. The party members listened to the martyrs’ deeds and paid tribute to the martyrs’ souls. And felt that the peaceful era we live in today is not easy to come by. As party members and cadres, we should be more grateful and cherish and inherit and carry forward the patriotic spirit of our ancestors.

Topstar’s growth history

In the afternoon, Mr. Liang Zhenfeng led all members back to the exhibition hall on the first floor of Topstar headquarters. He explained the growth history of Topstar to the party members. Taking the learning and education of the Party history as an opportunity, we will educate Party members to carry forward the red tradition vigorously. Inherit the red gene and continue the spiritual blood of the Communist Party. At the same time, combined with the struggle history of Topstar. Take the lead in promoting the core values of Topstar people “together we strive, together we achieve.”

Then, “I have something to say to the party and the company.” Full party members, probationary party members, and party activists expressed their opinions to the Party and the company. All of them said that they should never forget history. Cherish the present and inherit and carry forward the patriotic spirit.

Finally, Mr. Liang Zhenfeng said that the Party’s hundred-year journey was not easy to come by. Topstar’s 15-year history is not accessible because Party members should firmly believe in their ideals. We should shoulder the responsibility of the times and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Realize the Chinese Dream and make unremitting efforts for the second 15 years of the company.

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