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Topstar Robots Appears at Guangdong High-Quality Development Conference

2024/02/20 By topstar


February 18th, Guangdong Province, high-quality development conference held in Shenzhen. It was mentioned at the meeting, that high-quality development is essentially innovation-driven development, we must unswervingly take the road of high-quality development, and grasp the “bull nose” of scientific and technological innovation.

In recent years, Topstar has continued to increase independent research and development efforts, in-depth research and development of controllers, servo drives, vision systems, three major underlying technology, to provide manufacturing enterprises with intelligent manufacturing plant overall solutions for manufacturing enterprises.

During the conference, Topstar with four-axis SCARA robots and a new generation of robot controller platforms debuted industry and technology integration and development achievements.

The robot is equipped with a new generation of robot controller platform from Topstar.

The controller platform hardware adopts a multi-CPU architecture, with the advantages of versatility, stability and reliability. Its underlying software platform adopts a real-time operating system based on virtualization technology, industrial middleware and motion control solutions to achieve the purpose of soft and hard decoupling.

The application software platform, on the other hand, adopts cloud-side-end architecture, integrating motion control technology, PLC technology and networking technology. It is deeply integrated with AI big model to support high-end applications such as intelligent programming and image tracing.

“Intelligence” is the core competence of Topstar. It covers the control system, servo drive, vision of the three underlying technologies of intelligent equipment, can create one-stop solutions for customers, to ensure that industry customer needs are met.

Topstar will continue to increase investment in research and development, upgrade five-axis CNC machines, industrial robots, electric injection molding machines and other core products, the formation of a three-arrow product matrix, to provide more competitive intelligent equipment and services for global manufacturing enterprises, and partners from all walks of life to strive for the goal of high-quality development.

Topstar adheres to the “make industrial manufacturing better” mission, adhering to the “become the world’s leading intelligent equipment service provider” vision, through industrial robots, injection molding machines, five-axis linkage CNC machines as the core of intelligent equipment, as well as control, servo, the vision of the three major core technologies, to create a core technology-driven intelligent hardware platform for manufacturing enterprises to provide intelligent factory overall solutions.

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