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What is a mould temperature controller?

2022/07/22 By 兰兹

TTW Water Type Mold Temperature Controller

What is a mould temperature controller?

Injection molding is one of the most widespread manufacturing technologies today, and it is used to produce a wide variety of plastic products, ranging from small household products to large home appliances. When the injection molding process officially starts, the plastic temperature needs to be controlled, and the mould temperature controller can control the temperature well during the entire process. This temperature-controlled process begins with the melting of the plastic. Manufacturing takes place after the molten plastic cools. This guide will introduce you to the impact of mould temperature controllers on injection molding.

Effect of temperature on product quality

One of the factors that affects product quality during the entire injection molding process is mold temperature. As the surface temperature of the mold increases, the appearance quality of the product will also change. Generally speaking, improving the quality of injection molded products requires increasing the mold temperature during the injection process to reduce the output thickness and insertion pressure. It’s essential to control the temperature effectively during the injection molding process.

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Temperature control via mould temperature controller

Mould temperature controllers work by circulating water through channels in or around the mold. Heating or cooling water to a specific temperature ensures consistent heating conditions during the molding process. At the same time, they can precisely control mold temperature and can quickly switch between heating and cooling, making them suitable for molds that require different temperature stages within a single cycle. Modern mold temperature controllers also function as automatic cooling during idle periods.

Why is mould temperature controller necessary?

Precise mold temperature management can affect the quality and appearance of the final product, where the temperature of the mold can directly affect the viscosity of the plastic melt. A properly heated mold ensures that the plastic flows evenly and completely fills the mold cavity. If the mold is too cold, the material may solidify prematurely, resulting in short shots. Conversely, an overheated mold may result in excessive packing pressure or extended cooling times.

Uniform mold temperature is essential for reducing internal stress within molded parts. Differences in cooling can cause tension and compression within the plastic, leading to warping, shrinkage, or structural failure. They can also lead to other related problems, such as surface quality defects and short mold life.

Why use a Topstar mould temperature controller?

Topstar’s mould Temperature Controller adopts a newly designed stainless steel frame structure, using water as the heat transfer medium conducive to direct cooling and efficient heat exchange. This design can achieve the advantages of high thermal conductivity efficiency, low environmental pollution, convenient access to water resources, and low operating costs. At the same time, the system can achieve standard temperature control up to 120°C, providing the best performance for different applications. Their make their main pipes from 304 stainless steel, resulting in less pipe damage, more even heating, and longer service life. Additionally, they use a special touchscreen controller to control the temperature more reasonably, achieving a power saving rate of more than 35%.

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Applications of Mould temperature controller

Mold temperature controllers are crucial in many manufacturing processes. They play a key role in plastic injection molding, rubber molding, composite molding, die casting, blow molding, and other processes.

Obtain optimal mold temperature

Topstar designs its mold temperature controllers to provide precise temperature management during the injection molding process. In addition to managing temperature, our temperature controller also features a newly designed stainless steel frame structure, which is more convenient to move and can be widely used in manufacturing processes across various industries.

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