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What is a horizontal injection molding machine?

2024/03/04 By 兰兹

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Injection molding machines are the leading production equipment of any plastic product factory today and can be divided into two types: vertical and horizontal injection molding machine. Today, we will introduce one of them, the horizontal injection molding machine. Explain to everyone their design, operation, application, and advantages.

Design and construction of horizontal injection molding machines

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The design and construction of a horizontal injection molding machine usually consists of several parts, including the mold clamping system, injection system, hydraulic system, and electronic control system. Then, the mold clamping device of the horizontal injection molding machine consists of a fixed platen and a movable platen installed on the horizontal guide rail. A hydraulic or electric clamping mechanism applies force to the mold halves and holds them securely closed together during injection.

The working principle of their injection system is to pull the injection platform of the injection molding machine forward through the injection cylinder, hold the injection port at the nozzle of the injection molding machine, and drive the screw to rotate (rotate) through the sol motor to move the molten plastic raw material to the injection molding machine. The material moves in the direction of the screw head, and finally, the injection cylinder pulls the second injection plate. The screw moves forward to inject the material into the mold cavity for cooling and forming.

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The central core of the electronic control system of the horizontal injection molding machine is the KEBA computer, which is the operation controller of the entire injection molding machine and is equivalent to the brain of the equipment. Another thing worth mentioning is their safety module, which ensures the safety of the interlocking of the various safety modules of the device. The core component of the hydraulic system is the oil brake plate. Its structure is to open many different holes in a piece of steel. The oil valve controls the opening and closing of the internal channel, interconnecting each hole and then realizing the actions of different hydraulic drive components.

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Operation of horizontal injection molding machine

The production process of a horizontal injection molding machine is to load plastic resin particles into a hopper located on the top of the machine and let the particles be fed into the barrel of the injection device by gravity. After passing through the barrel of the heated injection device, the plastic resin particles are melted and move forward along a horizontal path through the injection device. The molten plastic is then injected into the mold cavity under high pressure. The mold cools, allowing the molten plastic to solidify and form into the desired shape of the part. After the parts are entirely cool and thickened, we open the mold, and the ejection mechanism pushes the finished parts out of the mold cavity. Then, the injection molding robot takes them out, repeating the process.

Advantages of horizontal injection molding machine

Compared with vertical injection molding machines, horizontal injection molding machines have a lower bed height, making it easier to change molds, maintain, and disassemble parts. Operators can easily access the mold area from the front or side of the machine, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. They are more efficient at producing parts per cycle and have more options, such as hydraulic or electric options. In horizontal injection molding machines, their gravity helps molten plastic flow from the injection device to the mold cavity, allowing for more even filling and reducing air entrapment, improving part quality. In addition, they are compatible with various automation solutions, including injection molding robots, conveyor systems, and more.

Related applications

Horizontal injection molding machines often produce plastic parts in various industries. Manufactures multiple automobiles’ interior panels, door handles, and exterior body parts. It is also suitable for making electronic components such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and consumer electronics casings. In the medical industry this includes syringes, IV components, catheters, surgical instruments, and medical device housings and casings, among others. Their versatility enables easy production of complex geometries, complex designs, and high-precision parts.

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Of course, horizontal injection molding machines also have some disadvantages. They may be more time-consuming and labor-intensive to replace the mold, the mold cost will be higher, and they occupy a larger area and have high requirements for the production workshop. In horizontal machines, molten plastic flows horizontally from the injection unit to the mold cavity, resulting in longer flow paths and higher pressure losses, leading to potential flow-related defects. They may also have limitations in accommodating certain types of inserts or complex insert geometries.

Make good use of horizontal injection molding machines

Horizontal molding machines offer versatility, efficiency, and precision for producing plastic parts. Their application fields cover everything from electronic products to the medical industry. I need to make good use of horizontal injection molding machines based on my situation and their advantages so that I can create better products.

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