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An ultimate guide for you to choose a mini injection molding machine

2022/02/26 By 兰兹

Mini Injection Molding Machine

Firstly, a mini injection molding machine is typical for manufacturing small plastic parts: cases, electrical components, parts of computers, and household appliances. 

Mini Injection Molding Machine

In addition, miniature machines are standard in the mass production of plastic disposable tableware, lids, small household items, children’s toys, designers, and more.    

Small injection molding machines from China are perfect for small production facilities, as they take up little space. In addition, the equipment is characterized by low power consumption, ease of operation, and a small percentage of finished product defects.

 Chinese injection molding machines are standard in the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries. That is common in areas where large-scale production of small plastic products is necessary. 

Why buy a mini injection molding machine?

  • Ability to produce a wide range of products. It is enough to replace the matrix, and you can cast other products.
  • Maximum automation of the workflow. The operator only needs to install embedded parts and remove finished products from the molds if necessary.
  • Favorable prices. Plastic injection molding machines made in China are brought to the market at the lowest cost so that you can set up a highly profitable production.
  • Simple operation. For operation, one operator with minimal training is enough. All operating parameters are set on the PLC touchscreen with a user-friendly, intuitive interface.
  • The machines are also easy to maintain and do not require high maintenance and repair costs.  

Plastic recycling occupies a considerable niche in the industry of almost all developed countries. Today, large enterprises of the state scale and many small private companies are engaged in the manufacture of polymer products.

There is a growing demand for mini injection molding machines for small-size equipment that can be placed in a small area. Therefore, the production of small-size extrusion plants and injection molding equipment has also expanded.

Production of injection molding machines

Companies that produce high-volume products often suffer losses due to lower revenues. At the same time, manufacturers of small-scale products that operate on small-size equipment remain afloat and even have high profits. More than 50% of small firms that use mini-equipment have the potential to grow into large enterprises with growth prospects.

How to buy a mini injection molding machine?

Many amateurs love in the form of plastic processing on mini-equipment. They were not only able to master the basics of this field of activity but also learn how to make good money on it.

When searching for standard injection molding machines on the websites. You can find many offers of injection molding machines with a clamping force of up to 600 tons. Products with a mass of several grams are produced on such devices.

Mini injection molding machines and extruders

Finding small mini injection molding machines from the mini category is difficult. Not many companies engage in their production because demand for them is not yet very high. Compared to standard injection molding machines, the market for this equipment segment is invisible.

 It should be disassembled what constitutes a mini-equipment of injection molding machines.

Mini Injection Molding Machine 2022

 These units have a power of not more than 5 kW. Their power consumption is a maximum of 2 kW from a 220 V network. The weight of the mini-injection steamer is not more than 200 kg.

In addition, the injection in volume is about 15 cm 3. Up to 1000 copies of plastic products can be produced on a mini-unit in one shift. Such installations are standard for microcasting.

What is the cost of a mini injection molding machine?

The cost of maintaining a mini injection molding machine is much lower than for giant mass-produced devices. To work with a mini-injection molding machine, it will be sufficient to have a locksmith’s table and an average room of up to 15 m2, the footage of which will even include a warehouse. Giant injection molding machines require eight times more space.

At the same time, the electrical power supply is not considered here. The molds of standard injection molding machines are 70% more complex and cost much more than the molding tools of small appliances.

For mini-assemblies, equipment with the number of nests from 1 to 4 is standard, and for conventional injection molding machines, a large number of nests require 4-20 times more.

The speed of the mini injection molding machine

The transition from color to color on a mini injection molding machine is easier and faster than on a large one. Molds for mini injection molding machines need one person with a technical background to maintain molds. The giant devices require several specialists in individual tools, and not everyone can afford to sustain such personnel.

One of the most essential features of a mini injection molding machine is the simplified design of the molds. It means that they do not require much time and money to manufacture.

Furthermore, smaller equipment is cheaper to maintain and repair and, at the same time, can process all molded materials. This is a good advantage compared to the same 3D printers, where only exceptional grades of polymers can be expected. The cost of materials for casting is 1.5-2 times lower than for manufacturing prototypes.

The need for a high-quality printer

Many, of course, can say that a 3D printer is cheaper than a mini injection molding machine. To produce products with the same precision as injection molding, you need a very high-quality 3D printer that will cost the same as a mini injection molding machine and require more waste and time to maintain.

Also, regarding 3D printer prices, it is worth noting that several mini injection molding machines are currently on sale that are much cheaper.

Separately, we can say about the level of automation of mini-injection molding machines. Despite the miniature size, it is still industrial equipment, and after the initial setup, the products are manufactured and unloaded automatically.

All other small-scale mini injection molding machine production types involve manual unloading and 3D printers. It allows only piece production, and prototyping productivity is an order of magnitude lower than that of casting.

Summary of mini injection molding machine article

On the other hand, unlike 3D printers, mini injection molding machines require $200 or more molds for each type of product. But, again, for 3D printing, you need to write a program. Therefore, this technology has become popular in the circles of computer specialists.

 As well as those who develop one-time exclusive products and engage more in self-realization than production tasks.

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